Configuration Management Module: GConf

Within the WOCU-Monitoring product suite, there is the Configuration Management Module: GConf. It is a complementary tool, useful for the comprehensive, unified and/or independent management of the configurations of the network equipment administered and monitored in the application. More information on GConf can be found on the product website.

Once this module is enabled in the application, the user has access from the GConf in the Asset and BP Detail View section.


GConf Available Configuration

This table centralises the backups (backups) of the registered registered configurations of the different monitored components. From this space, it is possible to know the configuration in detail and download it.


For each of the entries the following information is recorded:

1. Config Name: name of the registered configuration.

The format is as follows: YYYYYYYMMDDHHMM___name___IP, where YYYYY the four digits of the year, MM the month, DD the day, HH the hour and MM the minutes. The separator character (_), is followed by the is followed by the name of the monitored component (router, port, etc.) and finally, the associated IP address.

Acting on its identifier enables Configurations detail view:


2. Date: date and exact time of the backup execution.

Size: indicates the size of the backup in kilobytes (KB).

4. Actions: option of downloading the backup of the indicated equipment, for”further use in case of loss, corruption, damage of the original original data, etc.


Configurations detail view

This view shows the full configuration of the selected item. It is presented in raw form for easy reading and understanding.

This information corresponds to the imported configuration of the GConf tool.