Uninstallation of WOCU-Monitoring

Uninstalling WOCU-Monitoring from your system is very easy, because the installed package is “self-contained” in itself and has hardly any dependencies on the host system.

Uninstall the package

As a first step, the package and its associated dependencies must be uninstalled.

On Debian type systems run:

(root)> apt autoremove --purge wocu*

On RedHat type systems run:

(root)> yum install yum-plugin-remove-with-leaves
(root)> yum remove wocu* --remove-leaves

Deletion of directories

The WOCU-Monitoring package is self-contained in the following directories:

  • /opt/wocu/embedded: this is the unpacked package itself, it should have been removed after uninstalling the package.

  • /var/opt/wocu: where volatile installation files, such as files or databases, are located.


This last directory is not deleted by default as it contains all important information and lasts between updates. If you want to do a complete uninstall you will have to delete this directory.