Additional Tools (Monitoring)

WOCU-Monitoring offers as a complement to its functions a series of OpenSource Tools through the Monitoring option at the top right of the main menu.


By clicking on the Monitoring button, you access a new environment where a set of external tools are grouped together, whose operation is independent of WOCU-Monitoring, but which can be useful in the various day-to-day monitoring tasks.


In the Monitoring side menu, the tools are divided into three groups as follows:



Contains a tool for generating dashboards of Host metrics. It uses Grafana technology. For more information: Grafana.


It contains a tool that generates dashboards with real-time elements. It uses a Thruk technology plugin. For more information:

Custom Maps

Contains a tool to display Asset Status information on maps, images and topological maps. It uses NagVis technology. For more information: Nagvis.

Log Events

Contains a tool that allows the visualisation of Asset Events together with powerful graphical capabilities to generate dashboards from the events. It uses Kibana (Elastic) technology. For more information: Kibana



Contains an alarm console similar to that of WOCU. Uses Shinken technology. For more information: Shinken.


Contains an inventory of Hosts similar to WOCU. Uses Thruk technology. For more information:


Contains a Services inventory similar to that of WOCU. Uses Thruk technology. For more information:

Metric Graphs

Contains a tool that provides graphs of the Services. Uses RRDtool technology. For more information: rrdtool.


They contain an Asset search tool.


SLA Reports

Contains a Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance reporting tool. Uses Thruk technology. For more information:


Contains an availability reporting tool. Uses Thruk technology. For more information:


As they are external tools, their technical description and operation manual is beyond the scope of this User Manual. Information on these tools can be found on the websites of the different Open Source projects described.