Scheduling Reports

WOCU-Monitoring allows the automation of the Reports operation, thanks to the possibility of scheduling its generation and launch at the user’s discretion. This functionality speeds up the process of producing and processing reports, thanks to the wide flexibility in the programming of dates and periodicity.

There are two ways of scheduling reports:

1. From the report creation form:


2. From the report management and processing list:


A case study for the creation/updating of the report schedule in WOCU-Monitoring is described below:


For a detailed description of each configuration parameter, see the following section: Scheduled Report Generation.


For the generation of a specific report, you want to schedule the data samples collected to fall within the working hours of the previous week. That is, from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00 h. of the previous week. To do this, the following configuration will be carried out within the form:

1. Schedule name: assign a name that identifies the schedule to be configured.

2. Enabled: check this option to enable the execution of the report according to the schedule.

3. Expired at: check the box of the Never tag, so that the schedule does not expire and is launched cyclically until further change.


4. Schedule interval: to run the report every Monday of each week, select the option Run every week in this drop-down menu and mark Monday (Mo) as the day of the launching week, in Run at days. Regarding the time, respect the default time in Starting at (00h-00m.).


5. Time ranges: to indicate the range in which samples are to be collected to compute the report, the criterion Advanced shall be used, using the format datetokens.


For more information on datetokens see the following links:

In this case, the report will be launched every Monday of each week, with the data recorded in the days and working hours of the previous week, for this, five date ranges will be configured, one for each day. Use the + button to nest several date ranges.


Following the datetokens format, each interval must follow the following nomenclatures:




Monday (8:00-17:00 h)



Tuesday (8:00-17:00 h)



Wednesday (8:00-17:00 h)



Thursday (8:00-17:00 h)



Friday (8:00-17:00 h)



6. Recipients: select from the drop-down list of contacts, zero, one or more recipients to whom an email will be sent when the report is completed.


Only users with permissions to view the realm in question will be available in the drop-down menu, with the exception of the Administrator, who will have the total list of users registered in the system, regardless of the viewing permissions or realm restrictions associated with them. More information can be found at: Realm display configuration.



The visibility of the report is configured in the Visibility field, during the report creation process.

7. Report name: finally, enter in this field the identifying name of the next report to be generated. This field is mandatory.

Once the configuration is complete, the report will be generated according to the parameters set by clicking on the blue Create button. Otherwise, use the Close option to go back without making any changes.



Consult, modify and manage the different schedules configured from the section: Scheduling.